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The Grounds

Studio 80 + Sculpture Grounds is a vibrant community environment dedicated to arts education and appreciation on the Connecticut shoreline. Our mission is to create a bond between art, nature & community by inspiring and promoting participation in the arts.

With over 100 sculptures woven throughout different gardens and courtyards, this en plein air art experience allows visitors to enjoy incredible large-scale contemporary sculpture on 4.5 beautifully landscaped acres.  Visitors are encouraged to explore the grounds and interact with the works, perhaps turning kinetic elements or wandering through open pieces. On the property sits the home of artist Gilbert Boro and although the residence is not open to the public, Boro welcomes visitors to the "cafe" outside the house to take a rest, picnic, and take in the sights. 

The Sculpture Grounds are open daily from 9-5pm and admission is FREE! All are welcome, including pets (we simply ask that you tidy up after them). Self-guided tour maps are available and located in the map boxes at our driveway entrance and the Lyme Academy parking lot pathway.

*PLEASE NOTE - The Sculpture Grounds will be closed permanently beginning 12/31/2023*

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