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David Karoff

David Karoff has lived in Providence and worked in Rhode Island’s nonprofit sector as an Executive Director, manager, and independent consultant for over thirty-five years. For much of that time, he set aside the making of art for other preoccupations. When, over a decade ago, he had the opportunity to take a year off and explore some of the many things put on the back burner during a busy career (with children), he began making sculpture. Some of the ideas had been dormant on moldering scraps of paper for decades.

He’s also worked extensively on a professional basis with dozens of Rhode Island arts organizations. As a volunteer, he served for two years as an Artist Mentor at New Urban Arts in Providence and for six years on the Board of the Steel Yard.

He’s drawn to:

• provoking thought and surprise,

• balancing function and form,

• juxtaposing unexpected elements or materials,

• creating new uses for found and recycled objects, and

• word and image play.

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