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Bob Pavlik

I am an artist and professor of architecture, based in northwest Connecticut. My work focuses on novel experiments with materials and methods of making. It has a strong emphasis on physical structure, often highlighting unique connections and joinery. It blends advanced computational design methods and computer-controlled fabrication equipment with analog hand-craft techniques. I have held a fascination since I was a child with how things are assembled and the act of making. I was educated and employed as an architect and hold the belief that there is an innate human fascination with artifacts that defy gravity or display their structural characteristics. For the past sixteen years I have been a professor of architecture, with academia providing a setting for both theoretical research as well as physical experimentation. The resulting physical artifacts have been sculptural in nature, investigating a wide range of materials and fabrication techniques. Many of these have been large scale structures that could be inhabited or interacted with in a tactile way. It is my goal to design and construct objects that create memorable and unique experiential spaces within the public realm. It is my goal to create artifacts that instill curiosity and reflection about how they were made, how they were put together, how they stand, and that reveal the aesthetic beauty that is possible by expressing these principles.

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