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Summer Sculpture Showcase

Studio 80 + Sculpture Grounds is a vibrant community environment dedicated to arts education and appreciation on the Connecticut shoreline. Our mission is to create a bond between art, nature & community by inspiring and promoting participation in the arts.

Studio 80 + Sculpture Grounds’ annual exhibition, Summer Sculpture Showcase, has featured the selected sculptural works of over 140 acclaimed artists, hailing tremendous success, and providing artists with a unique opportunity to showcase their sculpture in a majestic environment specifically designed to nurture the creative arts. The exhibition has drawn over 7000 viewers to the 4.5-acre sculpture garden located on the Connecticut shoreline.  This year will mark its eighth year. 

Studio 80 + Sculpture Grounds attracts artists from a broad range of artistic communities, which provides for an exhibition of diverse sculpture. We are excited to allow for an exhibition that nurtures relationships within the artistic community. We are thoroughly invested in the vibrant Old Lyme arts scene and anticipate this exhibition will attract art-loving visitors from near and far. We are committed to the important public mission to enrich the cultural life of the region for the education, enrichment, and enjoyment of our community.

*PLEASE NOTE - The Sculpture Grounds will be closed permanently beginning 12/31/2023*


We are currently offering Otocast, a free audio tour of our Summer Sculpture Showcase with an interactive map, sculpture photos, and artist narratives. This software application allows visitors to take a tour from home or in person. Download “Otocast” from the Apple App or Google Play Stores and choose Old Lyme, CT to access the tour.

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