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R. Douglass Rice

R. Douglass Rice's sculpture begins as a series of small cardboard cutouts. From 4" X 8" pieces of cardboard, he cuts out various abstract shapes. Slotting the top of one and the bottom of another, he joins them together creating a free-standing cardboard sculpture. Once this is complete, he follows the same process with sheets of 3/4" AC plywood, cutting each of the abstract shapes with a jigsaw. He then sands and paints them with high gloss metal paint, so that they looked like they are made of steel. From there he takes the full-scale plywood pieces to a metal fabricator,  Hillary and
Company.  They then cut the shapes out of two 4’x8’ sheets of 5/8’ aluminum with a water jet.  They are then powder coated to give them a high gloss “industrial painted” finish.

He currently has six sculptures on display in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.

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