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Ernesto Leal

Ernesto Leal, native to El Paso, Texas, honed his sculptural skills at the Lyme Academy of Fine Arts. After graduating from the Academy, he continued his studies on his own; learning from old masters drawings and references associated with the figure. His work in sculpture began with small miniature pieces of sleeping animals and people. Although drawing is his foundation for sculpture and painting, sculpture continues to be his greatest joy and challenge. Ernesto currently resides in Old Lyme, CT and works at Studio 80 + Sculpture Grounds as part of our sculpture fabrication team. 

"My work in art still remains very closely associated with classical figurative sculptures. My drawings and paintings are much different; they delve into biomorphic shapes and figures. Sculpture provides me a more constructed and methodical approach to expressing my thoughts and emotions. Sculpture isn’t very forgiving; meaning that if I make a mistake it won’t be easy to hide or workaround, so from the beginning to the end the completion of a sculpture is very challenging and tedious for me. I feel it is very necessary for me to complete this form of art to continue to hone my skills in drawing and painting."

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