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I believe that three-dimensional art should be handled, touched, and experienced in three dimensions.  I want people to not only view my art but touch and explore it.  It brings me great joy to watch people of all ages interacting with my sculptures, which is why I created my own four-and-a-half-acre sculpture grounds adjacent to my studio in Old Lyme, Connecticut.   Considering the environmental, social, and political disorder all about us, I believe that public art brings some semblance of beauty to all of us who take the time to look.  My full-scale outdoor sculptures, as well as other works by contributing artists, can be seen year-round on the grounds.  Entry is free and open to the public. 


If you’re interested in learning more about my work and/or the Sculpture Grounds, please visit:

Watch below to hear Gilbert Boro discuss his creative process and contributions to the art community.  Video Courtesy of The Avenue Concept.

Our Team

Christina Goldberg

Director of Operations & Exhibitions

Bryan Gorneau

Studio Manager & Lead Fabricator

Ernesto Leal

Studio Assistant & Fabricator

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