gilbert boro

Gilbert Boro was born in New York, New York in 1939. He first received his Bachelors in Fine Arts from Duke University before going on to pursue a career in Architecture with advanced degrees from Columbia University. After a successful career as an architect and sculptor in Boston, Massachusetts, Boro now lives and works in Old Lyme, Connecticut.

Boro’s vast body of work has been shown on a local and international level. While working as an Architect, Boro continued to nurture his creative energy by maintaining his passion for sculpting. Boro’s long career provides a wide range of works, with varied aesthetics and materials including stone, wood, metal, and fiberglass. 

Boro is dedicated to the local arts community and runs Studio 80+ Sculpture Grounds, a collaborative work studio and sculpture garden open to the public. Boro fabricates his sculptures in the studio and displays many large-scale pieces on the grounds. With several thousands of visitors each year, the 4.5-acre sculpture grounds boast over 90 works by Boro and many contributing artists from around the globe.