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Summer Sculpture Showcase Collaboration With Lyme Academy of Fine Arts

Studio 80 + Sculpture Grounds is pleased to announce Summer Sculpture Showcase 2021 - to be on display from June 19 through October 30, 2021.

The 2021 Summer Sculpture Showcase offers a unique opportunity for established sculptors to exhibit their work in locations tailored to accentuating art. This year we are excited to announce the expansion of our Summer Sculpture Showcase as we collaborate with the neighboring Lyme Academy of Fine Arts.

Both Studio 80 + Sculpture Grounds and the Lyme Academy of Fine Arts attract artists from a broad range of artistic communities, which will provide for an exhibition of diverse sculptures.

Keeping in line with the Academy’s mission to educate artists through the traditional forms of representational and figurative art and along with Studio 80 + Sculpture Grounds’ mission to nurture interactions between art, nature & community, we are excited to allow for an exhibition that nurtures relationships within the artistic community we mutually serve.

Studio 80 + Sculpture Grounds and Lyme Academy of Fine Arts are thoroughly invested in the vibrant Old Lyme arts scene and anticipate this exhibition will attract art-loving visitors from near and far. Both institutions are committed to the important public mission to enrich the cultural life of the region for the education, enrichment, and enjoyment of our community.


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