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Michael Lonchar

I consider myself an interdisciplinary artist. I’ve worked extensively within the mediums of film,

photography, sculpture, woodworking, performance, sound, and installation. For the past few years I have

focused on combining film, sound, and installation as I’ve found these to be the most emotionally

impactful and exciting to create. My personal experience with Bipolar Disorder is the conceptual basis of

most of my pieces. The emotional, physical, and social issues associated with mental health issues are

often difficult to explain in plain language, which can be alienating to those who suffer and to the people

around them. I believe that art is one of the most effective methods of explaining this aspect of conditions

such as these. I often make installations with projection mapped videos of performances. Aesthetically, I

often use construction materials like wood and metal, painted found objects, and experimental video


As far as process, I have no specific medium because I tend to work backwards. Seeing the piece in my

head then trying to figure out how exactly to engineer it. I enjoy learning new skills and experimenting

with unorthodox techniques. Through this process I’ve had to teach myself video editing, welding,

photography, joinery, music production, javascript, and more. I find I have a lot more motivation to learn

new things when it’s a hurdle on the path to create whatever I want to create. I find I am constantly

needing to learn new things, which is sometimes the most entertaining part of the process for me.

I earned my BFA from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, BFA in Web and Multimedia

Environments in December 2019. I have been involved in several exhibitions during school and since

then. I have shown work at Circa Gallery and New Rules North (Minneapolis, MN). I collaborated with

local artist, Emma Beatrez, for a show at Banfill-Locke Center for the Arts (Fridley, MN). I’ve displayed

a virtual reality work at CURRENTS New Media (Santa Fe, NM) and the Institute of Contemporary Art

(Portland, ME) with the artist collective Pseudodox. My work has been on the cover of Next Magazine

(Minneapolis, MN) and has been featured in Saber Magazine (Minneapolis, MN).

I am currently an emerging artist resident at Franconia Sculpture Park where I am creating the park's first

ever video piece which will be on display in the park for eight months. After, I plan to travel for about a

month to document a few performances I have been planning to later incorporate into installations

through a solo exhibition or at other artist residency programs.

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