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Jason Cannan


Jason Cannan grew up in Westbrook Connecticut and developed a love and appreciation of art from his grandparents, Joan and Bob Hammeal. As a youngster, Jason took art classes at the Lyme Art Academy, Guilford Arts Center, CCY- Wesleyan’s summer art camp, Parson’s School of Design summer pre-college program, and graduated high school from ECA in New Haven. In 2001, after 2 years at the Art Institute of Boston, Jason stopped making art and spent the next 10 years working at a boatyard. In 2010, he returned to practicing art and received his teaching degree from Southern Connecticut State University. Jason is currently a Visual Art Teacher teacher at Haddam-Killingworth High School and finishing his Master’s Degree from Central Connecticut State University.


This work is part of my exploration of materials, techniques, forms, and light that I have been developing over a number of years. The forms begin as three-dimensional line drawings in steel abstractions. Using some techniques and materials from my days at a boatyard, fiberglass and resin are used to encase the skeleton, provide volume, reflect and diffuse light. Recently, I have been interested in using these forms and materials to manipulate light, casting and projecting shadows.

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