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ESB Gallery

Once dubbed “The Pump House,” the building beside Studio 80 was rededicated in 2015 to the “ESB Gallery,” in loving memory of Gilbert Boro’s wife Emily. “The Kids Window,” a work of stained glass created in 2012 by contributing artist Gwen Basilica, adorns the door. The gallery currently houses “We Came by Water”, a collaborative installation by Diane Barcelo & Ashby Carlisle. 

At Studio 80 + Sculpture Grounds, we often get asked the question, "Are any of your sculptures for sale?" The answer is YES! All of our sculptures are for sale! In fact, the proceeds from our sculpture sales go directly to funding the Sculpture Grounds, which is what enables us to continue to keep the Grounds open, free to the public and fund our programs. We have an incredible inventory of indoor & outdoor, large & small scale sculptures - in a variety of mediums from stone, wood, aluminum, stainless steel, bronze, & more!  ALL of our sculptures are available for lease or purchase. 

We Came By Water - Diane Barcelo & Ashby Carlisle
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