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Jerold Ehrlich studied sculpture at Connecticut College. He has lived in Austria, Italy, and Japan and now resides in Narragansett, Rhode Island. His material of choice is rebar, which is found around construction sites where Ehrlich has spent much time in one of his other lives. Rebar is the skeletal armature for poured concrete. Surrounded by concrete, the tension inherent in the steel holds the concrete in compression, adding strength to the static load. The tension is directional. Add energy either through gravity or heat and rebar expresses itself in ways that—although characteristic of the material—are not reflective of its intended use. Ehrlich has pieces in private collections around the world and at US colleges and corporations. He currently shows with Causey Contemporary in New York City, has three pieces at Tiverton Four Corners Arts Center Sculpture Park and another across from the Providence Civic Center.